Joyce Lazarus
(Shir Hadash)

Eric is an outstanding photographer, whose photos often capture everyday reality seen from an unexpected angle or in an unusual light, so that we can experience it as if we are seeing it for the first time. When Eric takes photos in black and white, he helps the viewer to focus on the geometric patterns and designs that surround us and he lets us see them with new eyes.

I have enjoyed hearing Eric play the flute in his Klezmer Band, Shir Madness, for many years. He captures the joyous melodies and rhythms of this type of music that combines elements of gypsy, jazz and traditional Jewish tunes. I have found it impossible to sit still when listening to it; I have to get up and dance.

Since joining Shir Hadash Reconstructionist Havurah in Newton more than thirty years ago, Eric has contributed his time, talents and great sense of humor to help the organization become stronger and more welcoming to others.

A. David Wunsch
(Photographer, Professor)

My friendship with Eric dates to June of 1966 when we were both students in a photography workshop taught by the legendary teacher, Minor White, at his home in Arlington, MA.

From the start, I was struck by the intelligence and sensitivity of Eric's work as a photographer. After the workshop was over some of the participants formed a photography group which survives to this day. We gather in each other's houses and look at and critique each other's work. Eric has grown as a photographer over the near half century that I have known him and his eye has become more discerning and sophisticated . His work has achieved acclaim and some of it is owned by the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Andover Academy. His work was shown by Minor White at the MIT Creative Photography Gallery and he has exhibited at other local galleries. Like Eric, I have become a college professor in the sciences and I feel a special connection to him because we have taken parallel paths.

I know that Eric finds himself now in a difficult situation. His kidneys are failing. I hope that he can find an organ donor so that he might be ensured many more productive years not only as a photographer but as a husband to his loving wife and a father to his good son Joshua.

Karin Rosenthal
(Fine Art Photographer and Teacher)

I have known Eric personally for most of the last decade although I remembered his name from way back in the Seventies when I first saw a photograph of his in a show at MIT. We have both been photographers for many years, colleagues who support one another and attend each other’s shows. Eric has dedicated decades to crafting fine sightings of nature. His classical compositions are beautifully considered and rendered and display the best of what fine photography can be. His illness hasn’t stopped him or slowed him down. As a friend, I want to see him pursue his passion for many years to come. I pray there is a way for this kind and gentle man to transcend this difficult situation.

Ellen Fisher
(Artist, and Director of Newton Open Studios)

Eric has a seemingly effortless ability to pluck breathtaking photographs from his surroundings, and a scientist/craftsman's exacting ability to follow through to an exquisitely printed image. And he’s generous with his knowledge — helping others to understand the process — a tremendous asset to the art community.

Tony Schwartz

Although we have really only connected in the past couple of years, the periodic meetings of our "photo group" have provided a vehicle for demonstrating your excellent photographic skills and art. This has been one of the best parts of these meetings, in addition to getting to know you and other photographers in the group, who exhibit so much life, innovativeness, love of art, and great ability to produce it. Your images have been particularly enlightening to me. You have an incredible "eye" and ability to produce prints that grab the viewer. They have a certain mysterious quality that is hard to describe. They sooth the soul.

Your giving of your art to humanity, and your time to those in need exemplify what is best in our flawed specie. You are deserving of being at the top of the list for receiving a life-saving kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Buck Frederick
(Photographer, Eye Surgeon)

It has been my pleasure to know Eric and members of his family for many years. He has been a valued friend and dedicated teacher during this time. He is extremely caring of other people and is sensitive to their needs. He has made many contributions to the well-being of persons with whom he has been in contact academically and even casually. His musicianship is extraordinary and his skills with the camera very special. Personally, I very much admire Eric and fervently hope that he will find a kidney match that is equal to his qualities as a man.

Adrianne Greenbaum
(Professor of Flute, Mount Holyoke College)

Eric has been a student, a friend, a colleague, an overall genuinely incredible HUMAN. He so deserves to extend his life as best and as long as he can. His thirst for learning and then sharing what he has learned is incredibly inspiring. He is also incredibly witty!! He gives and receives by playing for seniors. He attends a festival/workshop nearly every summer - Boxwood, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - and the director and I were thrilled to have him participate in the flute choir, standing right next to a 10 year old. That's just everything. Well, not quite. His playing of a klezmer fantasy is a treasured performance. Take a listen:

[ED. Note: This fantasy also appears on the Shir Madness CD mentioned on the Home page. This version, with Eric playing the melody and Adrianne accompanying was made during a spontaneous, unrehearsed session in her studio.]

He has been an inspiration to teach these many years and, in turn, needs to continue to be able to play, to learn, to share his performances of klezmer and baroque music. My money is on Eric!

Henry Morris
(Shir Madness Klezmer Band, Shir Hadash Havurah)

I have known Eric for almost 20 years as a member of the Shir Hadash Havurah and for over 10 years as a member of the Shir Madness Klezmer Band.

Eric is a long-time member of the Shir Hadash havurah in Newton Center, where the band had its origins. The life of this community depends on the talents of its members, and Eric has lent his personal support, commitment, intelligence and sense of humor over the years to help to sustain the havurah.

In Shir Madness, I have enjoyed the experience of playing together with Eric, where he plays flute and I play piano. Eric's heartfelt, soulful melodies have always been a key part of the band's sound. In the band's CD (A Bit of Sun -- a line from the Yiddish theater classic Abi Gezunt), Eric is featured in several solos as well as in ensemble work. The ability to revive the repertoire of classic klezmer and Yiddish theater tunes has been wonderful to perform and very satisfying to see the appreciation of audiences in many settings -- from life cycle celebrations to libraries to senior living homes. I have shared these experiences with Eric over the years and appreciate his contributions to the band -- bringing his personality and love of music to bear at every rehearsal and performance.

Peter Barrer
(Shir Madness Klezmer Band)

Eric has been an important member of Shir Madness since I joined the band some six years ago. He has put a lot of work into keeping us organized, planning ahead for upcoming gigs,and preparing materials for public use. Most importantly he has grown in his musicianship, taking lessons and learning to be comfortable in the Klezmer styles of music. No one's life should be cut short when the ability to extend it is available; this is especially true of Eric.

Edith Cook
(Chair, Math and Computer Science,
Suffolk University)

Eric is a kind loving person who dedicated 36 years to teaching at Suffolk University. He clearly enjoyed teaching, nurtured many students and mentored many (then) young faculty members including myself. His primary work was in teaching Mathematics and Computer Science where his compassion for others helped many a student through hard times. He developed a variety of courses including early courses when computer science was just beginning. His breadth of interests lead him to teach a number of interdisciplinary courses as well. He served the university in many capacities and was the College of Arts and Science’s first director of Academic Computing. Over the 30 years I have known him, he has delighted that as a person with O- blood he was a universal donor. He has donated generously to help others and proudly worn a Boston Children’s Hospital blood donor champion tee shirt. Now that universality counts against him as he waits for a kidney. It would be wonderful for his generosity to come back to him.

Jeanne Lesuer
(Suffolk University)

I was so sorry to hear about your kidney disease. That seems so unfair for such a wonderful man, with such talents and so much more to give to have to deal with this.

Ken Greenberg
(Suffolk University)

I am happy to support this effort in any way possible. Your worth comes from who you are, your good works both small and great over the course of your life, and your many talents and accomplishments.

Kate Gorman
(Suffolk University)

You have been a wonderful person to just about everyone I know. I will light a candle for you everyday to St. Anthony at Arch St. He is the patron St. of lost items and maybe he will find a kidney for you. I wish you the best.