Physical Activities

My parents first introduced me to hiking in New Hampshire when I was six years old, and I have loved hiking and exploring ever since. With my family I have hiked multiple times in the mountains of California, the Canadian Rockies, Iceland, Maine, and in many conservation and wildlife preserves in Massachusetts.

In my late 40s I started entering short local triathlons and I kept that up for several years until I injured a tendon in one foot. I work out regularly with an excellent trainer, take Tai Chi classes at Brookline Tai Chi, and hike locally quite often. My wife took this photo of me this summer at the summit of Buck Hill in the Blue Hills Reservation at age 76.

My Day Job

Time for music and photography has come after my 35 years of teaching mathematics and computer science at Suffolk University in Boston. I was fortunate to teach in an institution with wonderful colleagues. As someone who didn't have an easy path through college, I got great satisfaction from working with students who feared math or simply doubted their ability. I take pride in my contribution to the development of the computer capabilities of the university (back in the 1970s.) I am especially proud of the fact that my office door was always open. This is the book I wrote for a course I designed and taught as a professor.

The Hilltowns

I have had a special love for the Hilltowns of western Massachusetts since I attended Greenwood Music Camp in 1957. I loved walking from camp down to "the Store" in Cummington and singing with the campers in the Cummington Church. Much later, my wife did a residency at the Cummington Community of the Arts. She fell in love, and I renewed my attachment. We rented a house in Plainfield, then purchased one in Worthington, which we renovated over the five years we were able to keep up living in the Boston suburbs and commuting west. We made friends — some now gone — with local farmers, Evelyn and Harry Guyette in Plainfield and Tom Barrus in Goshen. We now visit the area frequently and are members of the Cummington Creamery Coop. Of the many beautiful places we have traveled, the Hilltowns are our second home, where we breathe differently and feel renewed as soon as we reach the top of the hill on Route 9 at Goshen.

Lower Calf Creek Falls, Utah.

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