Hello, I'm Eric Myrvaagnes

I have Stage Four Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD.) Last year my doctor estimated that my kidney function would decrease to the danger point in Spring 2016. I would then either have to begin dialysis or receive a kidney transplant.

Some life style changes have helped me get past that deadline, but I am livng month by month.

I have been on the national waiting list for a cadaver kidney for over two years now, and my original estimated wait for a kidney was six years. That has now changed (see News and Updates, below.) I have Type O- blood and need a Type O kidney (either O- or O+), whether by direct donation or through the matched pair system (see Links and resourcesLinks ). Over my lifetime, I have donated over 7 gallons of my Type O- blood as a "universal donor." Now, being Type O means an even longer wait as a recipient because Type O kidneys can be given to anyone. Dialysis before a kidney transplant will shorten my life expectancy even if I eventually get a transplant. Thus I am seeking an altruistic volunteer to donate a living kidney sooner rather than later.

For more information about my situation, the waiting list in the U.S., and living kidney donation, follow the links Why a kidney campaign?Why and Links and resourcesLinks . Learn more about me and my activities below.

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Site updated July 16, 2017.


My wife, Naomi, and my mother, Violet, are playing recorders together in my mother's living room. Naomi is a writer of poetry and fiction and an excellent violinist and source of inspiration and support for me.

My mother is now 105 years old and she still plays her recorder, reads a lot, and has a good sense of humor. She often says to me, "I'm glad to be alive!" A month ago we had to move her to a nursing home, but she is still upbeat and cheerful.

Our son, Josh, is in training to teach the Alexander Technique. He is also an active gardener and a knowledgeable advocate of permaculture farming.


I have played classical, baroque, and klezmer flute for many years. I still take lessons. Shir Madness, my wonderful band, entertains seniors and the general public in performances for assisted living residents, people with memory impairment, and older Russian speakers, as well as at standing-room-only concerts in local public libraries. My father's mother, at age 90+, used to go to sing for "the old people." I want to keep playing for them! Here is a track featuring me on flute from the Shir Madness CD, "A Little Sun:"

[Part of track 8, Bessaraber Honga, on the Shir Madness CD.
Here is the Shir Madness website: http://shirmadness.org/index.htm]


These two photographs illustrate some of my main interests when I am out with my camera: beauty in nature, abstract design, and visual metaphors for states of feeling.

My black and white and color work has enjoyed wide recognition. I have had numerous solo and small-group shows, and my pictures have been in large competition exhibits and publications. My eye is always open, and I seek images that speak to me.

My photography website is >http://myrvaagnes.com

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Please visit the links at the bottom of this page for more information about my kidney situation, living kidney donation, the waiting list, frequently asked questions about kidney disease and the transplant process, and links to other sources of good information.

I am deeply indebted to my good friend Jon Sachs of Jon Sachs Graphics for designing and building this website for me.
Jon's Photography Website: http://jonathansachs.com/
Jon's Graphics Website: http://jonsachs.com/

Any help you can provide in locating a willing, healthy living kidney donor will be greatly appreciated.